Glad that you like it!

@snmitch1965 said:

Bug - the MT software cannot use the speed data from kickR if you have a garmin combined speed and cadence sensor. On the Garmin the cadence is on the crank and the speed on the wheel. With no wheel speed reads zero of course, but KickR has speed sensor and sends data. Other tools you can choose which speed data stream to work with, either from the combined Garmin sensor or the KickR. When you try to choose the KickR speed sensor MT thinks you don't want the KickR trainer at all and warns you of a mistake. Should be free to get the speed data from the best place. All other sensors worked - KickR power, Garmin cadence, Garmin HR all via ANT+ dongle. Love it.

You can use the speed data from the Kickr and also use the cadence from a Garmin S/C, this is the setup that I also have :)
Here's how to do it, a bit tricky but works for now:
1- Pair your Garmin S/C
2- Pair the Kickr into the "Speed panel" (select Power Meter as source)
3- Select the Garmin S/C as cadence data source (click on the row in the Cadence panel)
4- Select the Kickr as source for speed (click on the row in the Speed Panel)

Feature. I overcooked my first work out - set my power target too high on some intervals. I would be good to have a couple of up/down buttons that dynamically make either the interval you are in higher/lower target or the whole workout uniformly higher/lower target. I wanted to just lower my 5 highest power intervals by 5% but another approach would be to lower the whole thing dynamically.

Sounds like a good request, i'll add this to my list. Probably would be easier for me to scale down the whole workout in % with 2 buttons.
I'm working on "dynamic" workouts that will adjust depending on your performance, but it's only gonna be for some special Test.

Love the dashboard view of the progress in an interval within the band of acceptability. Would love one of those for HR, Speed and Cadence. Would love a mini view that was always on top (on the PC desktop) so that any other app can run, and this would solve the issue of Netflix, yahoo, etc in the explorer window.

There is also "mini-graph" view for Hr and Cadence, you have to go in the workouts settings (little cog in the workout windows on the top right). Great idea for another view, I had this request a few times, will see what I can do later, I'm thinking only showing the metrics/time and the rest of the windows could be transparent.

Good Training!