Cycleops Jetfluid Pro Curve

  • Hi, I just discovered the software and used for the first time for the FTP test. Very impressed with the functionality, great job!

    I selected the appropriate trainer (Jetfluid Pro), but seemed to have a VERY tough time matching my measured FTP from other programs (actually I blew up!!). I noted that at 32kmh I was seeing a reported power output of around 225 watts, for example.

    I had previously found the following page where someone decoded the power curve from this trainer from the curve in the user manual, and at 32kmh the power would be more like 277 watts, about 24% higher.

    If what I'm seeing makes sense, would you be able to update the curve for this trainer?



  • Hi Simon,

    Sorry for the delay.
    I can check to add a revision 2 of the power curve with the one you posted. Let me know if you are able to convert the formula to a polynomial of degree 3, usually the formula are using this format.
    i.e : power = speed^1 x constant + speed^2 x constant + speed^3 x constant

    I think contacting the company would be a good bet to get the exact formula instead of deriving it from a small graph in the doc.


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