Constant HR Drops

  • Has anyone experienced drops in HR at a consistent rate like below which throws the average way off? Currently using Garmin Run HRM.

    alt text

  • Hey jtuk,

    Could be related to your ANT+ stick being too far away from the HR Strap,
    If you have an USB extension, you can try getting it more close to you.


  • Thanks Max. I’ll give it a go but it’s already within about 1m as I have my laptop right at my side.

    I was curious whether it might be something to do with the HR strap broadcasting a ton of other running data even whilst cycling. Will test with a basic HR only strap and play with ANT+ USB position this week.

  • Thanks jtuk, let me know if you see any difference.

  • I managed to get to the bottom of it eventually.

    I also had my HR strap connected via ANT+ to my Garmin 735XT so I could follow cadence, HR etc. on the handlebar. As soon as I disconnect the HR strap from the Garmin I get consistent HR measurement in Maximum Trainer whether it's the HRM Run or a basic ANT+ only HR strap.

    A little annoying as it's nice to have HR with everything else on the handlebar but for now gone with disconnecting the Garmin to get accurate HR recording.

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