FE-C in studio mode

  • Hi,
    I have just installed the app, and my plan is to use it in my studio with 11 trainers (Tacx Flow Smart). But I'm not able to use the FE-C to control the units. Any tips on how to do it?
    I have calibrated them in "Single mode" and they work fine there, but in Studio mode they just have the same resistance all the time.

  • Hey Daniel,

    Do you have this option selected?
    Preferences, ANT+, Control Trainer Resistance (FE-C Trainer)

    If so, were you able to pair the trainer in the studio page?
    You will also need more than one ANT+ key to control 11 trainers, 1 ANT+ key can support up to 8 ANT+ devices.
    So if you have 11 FE-C Trainer without any other ANT+ sensor, that will require 2 ANT key.
    You can try to remove a few trainer and see if they are controlled.
    The distance of the ANT key is also important, it should not be too far away from the trainer (use USB extension if needed)

    Let me know if that helped,

  • @admin Thanks!
    I had two ANT+ keys and was able to connect all 11 trainers.
    I have changed in the workout from watts to %-of-FTP and now it is working perfect.
    Great app!!

    I havn't read all the forums, but is it possible to get the data from each participant after the session?


  • Hey @Daniel,

    Sure, the workout activity is saved for all users in a folder after the workout.
    Check your workout history folder (Top menu, Folder, Open History folder)

    Let me know if you have any more questions,
    Thanks for the feedback!

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