Trainer Speed vs MaximumTrainer Speed

  • I am new to this software. I have everything set up and connected, I am using a Minoura 850 Magnetic trainer and no matter which level I set it and match the software setting in the power curve, I get a difference in speeds between my bike computer and the software. The faster I go the larger the difference is between the two. tonight on a Tempo workout my bike computer was at 20mph and the software was at 18mph. Is this supposed to be like this?

  • TrainerSpeed is the speed your trainer is sending to the software (raw speed from the trainer)
    Trainer speed does not give you much information and is used to calculate the power if you are using a power curve.

    MaximumTrainer speed, or calculated speed, is a speed calculated with the power output you are generating.
    It can look like outdoor speed and is an estimation of that based on generic outdoor variables.

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