Bug in graph data. V3.04

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    Hello good day. My name is Mario, I'm Brazilian.
    On 06/01/2018 I bought 6 months full access to the app, but now I need help.
    I have installed the V3.04 version on a notebook (Toshiba / i5 / 6GBram / Win 8). The problem is that the Power data does not appear in the real-time training chart.
    I can not enable the "show curve" field in the power settings.
    I do not have power meter. I use virtual power.
    I say the sensors (speed and cadence) are installed perfectly.
    can anybody help me?
    Best regards

  • Hey Mario,

    You can message me directly at max@maximumtrainer.com
    From a quick look, please double check you are not in Studio mode (left menu, studio, turn it off)


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