Power Curve voor Tacx flow T2200

  • Hello,
    Which power curve do I have to install when using a Tacx flow T2200?
    Right now I have taken Tacx flow slope = 0, though that gives me, in my opinion, an unrealistic view of the power it contians.
    Make use of garmin speed and cadans sensor.
    Gr. Rudi

  • @Rudi

    Hey Rudi,

    If you select flow slope 0, you have the use that slope with the trainer (is there a level to select slope 0?)
    Not familiar with this trainer, but you have to make sure the selected slope matches the one you are using on the trainer.
    Also, double check your wheel size configuration in the app, that affects how to power is calculated.

    You can already use the garmin speed and cadence sensor if you pair them in the Cadence or Speed boxes on the ANT+ page.


  • Hello Max,

    I found the slope settings and measured and changed the wheel size. The power in MaximumTrainer now is the same as in the Flow Trainer.



  • @Rudi

    Happy to know it worked!
    Have fun,

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