Target speed

  • Hi!

    I just downloaded the software and been trying it out. I think it is awesome!

    I have one concern though. I was just testing setting up a workout plan and its possible to set targets for power, heart rate and cadence.. But i would also like to be able to set a speed target. Will this be possible? Right now i am setting speed target for myself following the speed data, but i really like the target zone in the graph!

    I have a power meter but my girlfriend doesn't so it would be fun running interval training together using speed targets.

    Many thanks,

  • Hey replicardo,

    Since speed is different from user to user, it was not included in the target possibility.
    For example, 30KMH on a trainer may be 500W but 30KMH on another trainer could be 100W of power.
    I wanted workouts to be the same for every users, so that they can be shared easily.

    If you girlfriend has a trainer that has a Power Curve in the software, you can get Power data from speed data easily (just need a Speed or Speed Cadence sensor which you already have it seems). Let me know if you need help to set a Power Curve.

    Cheers and thanks for the feedback! Have fun :)

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