Workout laps doesn't match with visuals.

  • The lap alert supposed to start bipping 3 seconds before the current lap ends.
    But it starts bipping 5-6 seconds before the current lap ends, when the 4th bip comes the power display shows the next lap power target etc, but in reality i still have 2-3 seconds left on the current lap.
    This time gap starts to increase by the workout lenght.

    If i dont care the alerts and try to do the workout with the lap time the result is like this;

  • Thanks for reporting, i'll look into it.

  • I could not reproduce on my side

    Just to note, the timer rely on your computer processing power, so if you are running lot of other app in the background, it is possible MaximumTrainer get left out for some time, and the timer could loose some time there.
    You could try to close the app you don't use that could be taking your cpu


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