[SOLVED] - Mutiple Riders in a single instance of the program

  • To have multiple people ride on MT at the same time, we have been using multiple USB sticks and multiple instances of MT on the same computer. It would be awesome to be able to have multiple people riding within one instance of MT.

  • This could be something doable but would require to rethink a lot of the existing code & look of the software (login, profile, find place on screen for all that data). It would almost be easier to do another version of the software aimed for multiple users. Will think of it, thanks for the suggestion!

  • @VR7CO_BAH

    Hey been thinking about good way to implement multiple riders on the same screen.

    What I came up that could work, just writing the idea so we can improve it:

    • Have a settings to specify the number of riders (1-8?) in the main program settings menu.
    • Changing this settings will add more "Profile" Icon on the left where user can pair sensor, set his FTP, etc. (regroup Profile/Gear on the same page)
    • Will need to have a multi-rider Workout display that is different from the solo, no more mini-graph, probably just show power, cadence and hr data with +- from target (like the minimalist display)

    Alright, I will update this while I try to work on it, have to first figure how many channels can be open at Maximum on 1 ANT+ Stick.


  • Max, take a look at the following for a multi user screen layout idea.

  • @Donto

    Thanks for the suggestion, don't want to copy but I think I would keep the same layout I have in MT now and just change the widgets at the bottom, regroup all the user info in a box (power/cadence/hr,..)

    Right now what is stopping me is that I don't know how to open more than 8 devices on 1 Stick:

    Also not sure the signal would be good if you have only 1 Stick and the riders are in a big room, where some rider are far from the Stick, ANT+ distance is not that great -_-

    Edit: Solved in 2.04. 25 Users at the same time now possible

  • When riding in Studio Mode with 2 users, does the interval (main) window show a line graph for each rider? We'd like to hit cadence and power targets for each user.

    I see both widgets at the bottom of the screen show our live data but how do we follow the actual workout?

  • The graph in studio mode doesn't show any lines, since it would not be readable with a lot of users. It is just used to have an overview of where you are in the workout and what is coming next.

    Each user has his own little box to follow, the targets will be written there. Power/HR target will be different for every user depending on their FTP/LTHR from the studio page. Cadence targets are the same for all users.
    Basically, it's the same as in solo mode, the box will become red if you are too high or blue if you are under target.
    The target will change in real time so you have to follow your little box.

    Hopefully it's clear, if you have any questions just let me know!

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