HR erg mode

  • Hi, new user here.

    I know it's unfashionable and not as effective as power based training but I've got a training plan that works for me using heart rate.

    Recently downloaded the software in a quest for something that will adjust the resistance on a Tacx Neo to allow HR to stay in a set range for a workout, have just built and ridden a workout using HR targets but the resistance didn't change.

    Have I misunderstood that this is possible with MaximumTrainer or have I just done something wrong? Either way, it's very useful as I was still able to use the visual data and my gears to hit the targets, so thanks for making it available!

  • Hi there,

    Yes you are right, HR cannot change the resistance of your trainer, only power target can.
    I would suggest you use a power plan, or find a way to get power (with speed cadence sensor and a trainer curve) for more reliable workouts.


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