MAP test, no resistance during test phase.

  • Hi, I downloaded the software yesterday to have a go at a Map/Ramp test.

    Everything seems good, software is nice and easy to use and paired with my elite direto no problem, I selected the map test and during the warmup phase the direto was in erg mode changing resistance to match the workout but as soon as I got into the test the resistance dropped to minimum and left me spinning out unable to complete the first step of the map test.

    Is this a bug or have I done something wrong?

    I was also wondering if there's a way to manually skip to a point in the workout, I would have re tried the test but didn't have time to do the warmup again.

  • Hey @frankieh

    This is normal behavior for tests, it is not possible to skip some part of the test since the test result need all intervals and data to be able to have a correct result at the end (non zero values)

    The test interval does not use erg mode so that you can decide yourself what kind of power you want to give. If you stay under the target for too long, the workout will end for the MAP test.
    In this part of the test, you should switch gear and try to aim for the center of the power target.
    Let me know if you have more questions,


  • I'm not quite sure how that would work. The erg mode attempts to sets the resistance for each pedal stroke to match my power target. Without the resistance I can't hit the power the map tests requires. It's like pedalling with my back wheel suspended mid air, even with gear changes I would be going more than 200rpm. I suppose I could match the rpm it asks and see what happens as time passed.

    Or are you suggesting I should try to manually set the resistance? I think I have to connect it to my phone to do that but feel like I would be better off planning a workout with the increases and noticing when my rpm drops.

    I'll give it another go if you think I could get a better result.

    Re skipping, I didn't realise the first bit was part of the test. I thought it was just a warmup

    Thanks for the reply.

  • I'm replying again because I did this test in another software so now have some comparison.

    It would definitely be better in maximum trainer if the ramp test was under erg mode and increased 20 or 25 watts per min, or at least to have the option to do the test this way.

    I also still feel the workout should be skipable for convenience reasons.

    Not sure if this is helpful or not but thanks anway.

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