Local video player does not work MacOS Mojave

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    On video load the video just flickers for one second and then goes black.
    Progress bar shows that the video are running but no picture.
    I have tried a number of different movie formats w/o success :(
    Seams to be a problem with the VLC Qt plugin.
    Found this: https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?t=145888

    Update: Installed on Windows 10 today same movie no issues so fault it is related to OSX version only.

    Kind regards/Stefan

  • I am running Mac OSX El Capitan and experienced the same issue: a quick flicker of video then black. The audio continues to play fine, just no picture.
    My video plays fine in standalone VLC player.
    This is using the 3-05 beta version. I have not tried the older stable version.

    Update Oct17,2018: I tried the 3_04 version and experienced the same result (audio but no video).

  • Yes I have seen this issue, it seems like a vlc-qt issue.
    There is a post open there
    Not much progress since then..

    Tried removing the parent (this) and it does not fix the issue here.
    You can use the webVideo player in the meantime for Netflix video and others.

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