Local video player does not work MacOS Mojave

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    On video load the video just flickers for one second and then goes black.
    Progress bar shows that the video are running but no picture.
    I have tried a number of different movie formats w/o success :(
    Seams to be a problem with the VLC Qt plugin.
    Found this: https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?t=145888

    Update: Installed on Windows 10 today same movie no issues so fault it is related to OSX version only.

    Kind regards/Stefan

  • I am running Mac OSX El Capitan and experienced the same issue: a quick flicker of video then black. The audio continues to play fine, just no picture.
    My video plays fine in standalone VLC player.
    This is using the 3-05 beta version. I have not tried the older stable version.

    Update Oct17,2018: I tried the 3_04 version and experienced the same result (audio but no video).

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