[SOLVED] - Some missing things

  • Hi,

    Here are some suggestions for improvements to the program:

    • Skip the mandatory updates. Today I had to wait 30 minutes while downloading the update. If I had been ready to start training immediately I would have used some other software.
    • Disable screen saver during training.

  • @moadude

    Hey there,

    You are right if you are using Windows the Screensaver can still pop up on some version of Windows at the moment. I'm looking at a better way to disable it for the next version.

    As for the updates, There should be around 1 per month, a bit more at the moment since it's still in Beta, On my connection it took 2min to download here.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • @admin
    Hi Max,
    simple but very nice program

    I will appreciate speed targeting, because some training programs have this objective.
    To my opinion, it will be also useful the persistence of label during all the phase to which it refers.


  • @SaxRamon
    Hey there, thanks for the feedback :)

    I didn't want to put speed targeting because it's not consistent from one user to another. Power and heart rate target is . What you could do is use a "trainer curve" for your trainer (if it's listed) to have power data so that you can use power targeting instead.

    Persistence of label, do you mean the messages shown at the start of each intervals? I could add an option to let the user specify how many second they want the message to be shown if that is what you mean.


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