Broadcast virtual power

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    it would be nice to have an option to broadcast power from a trainer curve as a virtual ANT+ device, so using 2 ANT+ sticks we could use MaximumTrainer together with programs that require a power meter, like Road Grand Tours and VirtuGO. For this it would be nice to have also a smaller overlay window with just the workout, since the video would not be used and other data (power, cadence, heart rate, speed, etc) is already in the other apps' interface. Being an overlay would allow the use with the other app in full screen mode, like ZwiftMap for Zwift.

    Currently I'm using this ANT+ Virtual Power Meter, but then I can't use MaximumTrainer for the workouts because one ANT+ stick is being used by the python app to get speed and broadcast power, and the second stick is used by the other app to read power, cadence and heart rate.

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