ERGDB workouts & Sufferfest

  • Hi, have a few questions on prepared workouts. I’m thinking about buying some Sufferfest videos, is it right that if I get the Sufferfest workout files from the ERGDB database, I will have the workout synced together with the Sufferfest video which is playing at that moment?

    And off course, is that all possible and can be run from the Maximumtrainer application?

  • Hi, Sure the Sufferfest videos can be played with the integrated video player.

    So far I only tried the one named "ISLAGIATT", this one has been added inside the MaximumTrainer workout list. As for the others, importing .ERG workout shouldn't be a problem.

    You may have to edit the imported workout because .ERG do not have cadence target, only power target.
    Let me know if you need help, I'd love to have all the Sufferfest workouts already integrated inside MaximumTrainer without the need to import them.

  • Just did a small test with the video In a very dark place:

    • the intro takes about 3,5 minutes, whereas the ERG file starts from "0", so it's very difficult to sync the video with the ERG file. Not sure (yet) how to adapt the ERG file, as it seems basic text.
    • on the cadence side, it's not a worry as the cadence is displayed from within the Sufferfest videos
    • it would be handy to have a "pause" button/option in the videoplayer, so to sync or be able to start the workout in a certain place, for example it would be easy to skip to the 1st interval so you know the video is always in sync with the ERG file when you start at that point.

    So it all works, only the sync is the issue. Will possibly do some research in my spare time on how to sync it properly.

  • @JOBA

    A good way to sync is to add a filer interval at the start of the workout.

    You can edit the workout after it's been imported in MaximumTrainer, just use the "Workout, Import" function, then add a filler interval at the start (Look at "ISLAGIATT", for an example). You can drag and drop an interval in the Workout Editor, so you would click "Add" and move this interval as the first one with a 3.5min length and no target.

    Advice to have a good sync with the video : start the video, then pause it at 0:00, when you start pedaling, the workout and video will start at the same time and will be synced, better than trying to select the time with the videoPlayer manually.

    Let me know if it worked for you!

    Edit: You can pause a video using "right click, pause" on the video player once it's loaded

  • Hi, I've now found out that apparently there are different versions of Sufferfest videos, that's why that file I got from ERG DB doesn't fit with the video I have. I got this video from someone just as a trial to see if it would work - note that I will surely buy the videos from Sufferfest and will not use this one for free, I do want to respect copyrigths and so on.

    So, next to this, it would take a lot of time to sync these videos with a real workout file, time which I do not have - I can hardly get enough time to fit my workouts in! So I'm now thinking of buying the Sufferfest videos and then just go with the "open workout" function in maximumtrainer. And I will be able to reuse them once I've done them, the workout will also then adapt to the FTP value at that time.

  • Doing an "Open Workout" is a great alternative solution for now.

    You are right it takes a lot of time to create the workout manually. I did create the "ISLAGIATT" workout using an excel spreadsheet on their website and wasn't really up to do more than one ;)
    Best way to do it would be to find their .ERG workouts already made (I'm sure they exist somewhere) and to import them inside MaximumTrainer, then adjust it a little bit so the first intervals matches the start of the video. I'll probably check to do that later when I'm done with more important features.
    Have fun!

  • I surely understand you have other things to tackle to get the app. updated and so on. However since it's a "training" application workouts and training plans are quite key off course! That's one of the things I'm currently missing a bit, however on the other side I'm very happy to use your application and seeing that it all works pretty nicely. I'm sure it will only get better when more updates are brought in, so keep up the good work and thanks for running this application for free!

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