Speed/cadence sensor not reading in Studio Mode

  • Hi,

    I am experiencing the following problem reading speed & cadence from a combined sensor on 3-05beta (Mac and Windows) in Studio Mode. The sensor is an Elite Misuro B+

    • Single rider mode works fine, the sensor is detected and when I choose the Ant+ ID for Speed, the ID is automatically filled for cadence as well. During workouts, power, speed and cadence are read correctly and shown on the screen.
    • In Studio Mode, again the sensor is detected and when scanning for the Ant+ ID for the speed sensor, the ID is also filled in for cadence automatically. During workouts though, only power is displayed, not speed or cadence. I have also tried just identifying the power sensor and activating the "read speed/read cadence" options which also does not appear to pick up the speed/cadence values.

    Any suggestions would be welcome, is there a log file I can send to help debug?

    many thanks,


  • Hi there,

    for Studio mode, the speed shown is 'Virtual Speed', so that means it convert power to estimate your speed, it will not show your trainer speed. I suggest you try to remove the speed sensor and see if you get any speed reading.
    If you are using a power curve, you will need to put the power curve in the studio mode panel so that trainer speed can be converted to virtual speed with the power curve.

    Let me know if that helps,

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the fast reply :-)

    Removing the speed sensor doesn't seem to help. I occasionally get a cadence reading in studio mode but much more often just get the "Checking session" message with no data. Restarting will sometimes bring back power data but not always.

    For the Misuro B+ sensor, I am not using power curve as the sensor should be broadcasting speed and cadence, do I need to switch to use power curve instead?



  • Hey Sparky,

    Yes I recommend using a power curve if you don't have a power meter, also turning on the speed display as 'virtual speed' in the workout option.
    That way, every rider can compare their power and speed and it's much more fun with the experience I had in studio mode :)


  • Thanks again,

    I shouldn't need to use a power curve though - the Misuro B+ unit broadcasts Power, Speed and Cadence for a number of supported Elite trainers - (https://www.elite-it.com/en/products/accessories/sensors/misuro-b). I can see power, speed and cadence in single user mode but most times only power when using it in Studio mode.



  • Hey Sparky, sorry for the delay.

    When you are in studio mode and look under the workout option (top right), are you using virtual speed? Thanks

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