Strava uploading not working

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    I have synced MT to Strava (Preferences>Auto Upload) and MT appears under 'My Apps' on Strava but it will not upload any workouts. Any idea why this is?



  • Hey @duncan , let me know if you still have the issue with the lastest beta version.
    You can try to unsync and sync your account again.

  • Hello, I am facing the same issue with MT and Strava. I am using Google login under Strava.
    I tried a dummy STRAVA account with a mail identifier and it synchronize well with MT.
    Each time I try with Google identification, after login/pwd I am sent to Strava and I receive a new window with source code. Then under STRAVA, MT appears under my apps, but it is still not synchronize under MT.



  • I have the same issue as well, coming with a Google login as well. paring it seems to be the problem instead of a success message from MT I get some radome site with Token information that could not be processed.

  • Thanks for reporting guys.

    There may be an issue when the login info is from google.
    I have a normal account and have not seen this.
    To investigate


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