Velocity don´t change...

  • Hi,

    First of all thank you for this wonderful application, I started using it a few days ago and I love it.
    But I have two doubts, I'm using the Wahoo Core smarttrainer, and I noticed that the speed presented is always the same, only varies and very little when changing the watt's, even if I accelerate at the same watt's level nothing changes velocity.
    Another issue is that the values of cadence and heart rate are presented type second to second, that is, the values are not always visible.
    Are these situations normal?
    Thank you very much

  • Hey there, are you using trainer speed or virtual speed ? You can see that in the workout options. I suggest virtual speed if you got access to a power meter, since trainer speed does not really give much info on your performance.

    As for the Cadence and heart rate drops, are you close to your ANT+ sensor? Usually this happen if you have something that is blocking the signal in-between.


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