Naming of Workout in a plan structure

  • "3. Keep a good naming structure for the workouts so that they are ordered alphabetically in the Workout List
    (Eg. Week1Workout1, Week1Workout2, Week2Workout1, ...)"

    If the training plan is going to have of a length or number of workouts that will require double digits, it is best to start the alpha-numeric naming with double digits from 01 (e.g. Week01Workout1, workout 01) so that when you get to week/workout 10+ they all sort out numerically correct in the workout listing (e.g. Week01Workout1, Week02Workout1...Week10Workout1, Week11Workout1), otherwise they will be listed as Week1Workout1, Week10Workout1...Week19Workout1, Week2Workout1, Week20Workout1...Week29Workout1, Week3Workout1, Week4Workout1... Learned the hard way in the beginning!

  • @Donto

    Thanks will update the post with that info, really appreciated!

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