Studio mode - Speed and Distance

  • Hi, I'm trying to get a view of speed and distance covered in Studio mode. Using power curve, it works fine in solo mode. However, in studio mode I can see cadence, power, heart rate, but not speed or distance covered by rider. I've tried it with combined speed/cadence meter, or with a separate speed meter, but no speed or distance shown.

    Why am I interested in distance? I want to make it easy for several kids to ride together, and see who is first to 5Km. If I can't get distance, average speed would work as a proxy.

  • Hi there,

    In studio mode, speed is forced to 'virtual speed'. That means you need to have power data, or a power curve set with a speed sensor. Virtual speed is calculated with power. Using trainer speed would be meaningless to compare each other since each trainer has a different difficulty at a certain speed.
    Hope that answers your question.


  • Thanks Max. I know virtual speed is set by default in studio, and I have power curve on. My problem is it is not displayed anywhere. How do I get speed (virtual or otherwise) to display?

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