Where to Download Workouts? can import a saved ride?

  • HI,
    just wondering where to download workouts from?

    Also is it possible to import saved rides? there are a few local hills i like to do and wondered if i could import them from my Magellan or from Strava.


  • Hey there!

    You can download a few workout on the forums, but I suggest using this great tool to find workout :

    You can convert erg workout to .workout format using the import function.
    You can also create your own workout with the workout editor, or get some by another user if they send it to you.


  • thanks for the response. I realised that I had a search criteria in my Workouts list, so i was only showing the 1 that I had created.
    i will have a play and see if I can replicate a local climb in my area

  • I just did my first workout this morning with Maximum Trainer, and I can say "Great software, nice work." I am going to start using it regularly. I am the owner of ERGdb.org and so I just created a quick video on how to import workouts from ERGdb into Maximum Trainer. It's very simple and does not really need a video or instructions but just in case. https://www.ergdb.org/2019/03/04/load-ergdb-workouts-into-maximum-trainer-in-30-seconds/

  • Thanks for sharing Alex! Looking forward for more nice features we can do together with ERGdb.org, love the open source workouts!

  • Max and Alex - thank you for updating and improving Maximum Trainer

  • Thanks for sharing Alex

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