Polarized training

  • I'm new to polarized training, and have been a power-target training person for years. But, polarized training coaches are all about HR-based training (vs. power).

    Having recently listened to Ep. 54 of the Velonews "Fast Talk" podcast about it, I decided to give it a go for a change this year. The goal: 80% of workouts (90% of time) at sub-AeT, and the rest are HARD - over AnT.

    Here's what I have going. I realize it's not perfect, because it accommodates my personal restrictions on schedule / location and when I can train. I'm doing this indoors on my trainer:

    • Saturday, 3 hours @ well sub-AeT (at 68% MHR, 128bpm for me (188 mhr))
    • Sunday, 1 hour AnT intervals (hard) - see ErgDB
    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1 hour @ precisely AeT (70% MHR, 141bpm for me) (though on Friday I can do 1.5 hours)

    If anybody here is experienced in polarized training, please feel free to chime in.

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