Cadence and HR blinking

  • Hi, I just discovered Maximum Trainer this week after seeing the banner on mentioning it. I gave it a shot with a workout today and so far my impression is very good! However I am experiencing a mild annoyance where both my cadence and HR numbers blink approximately once every second, alternating between a number and a dash “-“. The rate which cadence and HR blink is not always in sync with each other.

    I tried switching modes for both widgets, but no luck there. In graph mode, both HR and Cadence lines appear smooth without dropouts.

    My HR strap is a Garmin 010-10997-00, and my cadence is coming from my Pioneer SGY-PM910 power meter. My ANT+ dongle is a Garmin, and it is located directly under my bike using a USB extension.

    Any suggestions?

  • Hi there,

    The - are shown when no data is received after a while (for this metric).
    Do you see dropout on the graph? It should not behave like a 0 value, Let me know if you can show a screenshot of a whole workout.
    if the ANT+ dongle is close enough and not blocked by solid object, I am not sure I can see why you are having these, did you try closing other program that may be using too much CPU?


  • Sure, here's a screenshot from the end of my workout: MaximumTrainer screenshot
    I managed to catch it while neither cadence or HR were "blinked" ... but they assuredly were blinking throughout the entire workout. As you can see, the graphs appear to be 'smooth' with no dropouts (no data dropping to zero).

    While I did not check CPU usage during the workout, I'm quite confident it was not an issue -- I'm running MaximumTrainer on a high end gaming PC. But I will check on my next workout tomorrow! I'll perform a screen video capture to demonstrate the behavior, assuming it happens again.

    FWIW: You'll notice I have YouTube playing in a chrome browser in the screenshot. I experimented with the built-in browser the first 1/3 of the workout, and ultimately switched to this configuration because I found I couldn't live without adblock 😭 However, the blinking was there whether I used MaximumTrainer's built-in browser or not (tried it both maximized and windowed).

  • Nice thanks for the info! haha yeah integrating adblock from the getgo would be nice I agree, i'll see if that's possible with chromium.
    Allright keep me posted on that,

  • This is unrelated, but it appears that the "Remember my password" checkbox has no effect:

    MaximumTrainer Log In Screen

    Beginning my workout shortly!

  • I had a bit of drama getting my workout started today for some reason.

    After starting up MaximumTrainer, I selected my workout, and noticed in the bottom left corner there were messages to the effect that it was attempting to find my ANT+ sensors. The App claimed my ANT+ receiver was connected, but couldn't find the sensors no matter how long I waited. I tried unplugging, replugging, and even letting Windows re-install the drivers, but no luck. Ultimately I closed and restarted MT, and it found .... most of my devices, but not my Pioneer power meter. hmmmm

    Then I burned nearly an hour pulling the batteries from my Pioneer PM, changing modes from dual, to single, to pedal monitor, and back to dual mode. Suddenly MT was able to find my PM. Very strange. All during that time, my Wahoo Bolt was able to connect to the PM, as well as all of my other sensors.

    Anyways, I completed my workout, and I captured some video footage demonstrating the blinking cadence and HR, also showing my resource utilization while this happens:

    I attempted picking up my ANT+ dongle and moving it around while pedaling, holding it very close to both my HRM and Pioneer crank, which did not seem to make any difference in the frequency of the blinking.

  • New observation: the blinking only occurs while the workout is recording. If the workout is paused, neither cadence and HR blink.

  • Hi,
    I also have same problem.

    I'm using version 3.0.5 on my MacBook Pro MacOs 10.14.3.

    My Ant dongle is CycleOps.

    Heart rake blink during all workout.

  • Thanks for all the details @matt-d
    I'll be able to investigate more with that
    Really appreciated!

  • 我是昨天才知道這個軟體,使用上非常滿意,但是我也遇到心率讀數一直閃爍的問題,

  • My HR is also blinking

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