Make the software Open Source

  • Hi, first of all, thanks for your work. This piece of software is incredible.
    I have been working with it last month and it works like a charm. The problem is that besides it is free (as a beer) it is not free software (I can not access to the source code). If I am not wrong it is based on Qt and I suppose that you are using the free software licence so it could be better if you provide the source code.
    For example, in my case, I am computer engineering and If I find some bug maybe I could fix it and send a pull request for everybody.
    Could be possible to make it open source?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Any news?

  • Hey there,

    I'll be looking to put all the Qt source code (code running on the PC) available on github.
    Just need the time to switch from gitlab to github.
    Some code is still backend and done on the webserver, but the Qt part can be open sourced of course
    Will keep you updated,! thanks for your interest :)

  • Done!
    Added on the top toolbar on the main site as well

    The build part will need to be cleaned a little bit.
    Right now all the deps are pulled manually, and build afterwards.

    A new part with linux annotation could be added to built it for linux
    Sorry for the mess, hopefully we can clear that up a little :)


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