Set trainer resistance

  • Hi,

    Really awesome open-source alternative to the existing softwares. I'm acutually missing just one simple feature for unstructured session. Is it possible to set to trainer resistance if I'm not doing a structured session with ERG mode. This is often useful for shorter high intensity interverals like 40/20 or for simply controlling the resistance of the indoor trainer.

    It would be great if i could set the actual trainer resistance (not the slope). I guess this correpsonds to this function:
    void FEC_Controller::EncodeTrainerBasicResistance(uint8_t* pucBuffer, uint8_t percentage)

    Because using some indoors trainers in slope mode (such as the Elite Drivo) causes issues because they messed up the implementation of slope mode (the acutal resistance will oscillate even if the slope is set to a constant value, easy to notice because the stepper motor changing the magnet position)

    Thanks again for your great work so far and it would be brilliant if you could add this small feature in a future update.


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