[SOLVED] - Stair stepping on repeating intervals

  • Hi Max!
    Would it be hard to add the ability to stair step repeating intervals. Say I wanted to do 6x5' threshold intervals starting at a min target of 92% and increase 2% on each threshold. Instead of making 6 individual intervals, being able to use the interval repeat function with a checkbox to add a TBD percentage to each interval would be able to do this. let me know what you think.


  • Hey Don! long time :)

    That's a good idea to save time creating workouts. I would need some space at the right to specify the % increase after the first repeat, and since each interval could have a different % increase, I would need to put the field for each row (interval).
    Something like this :

    Let me know if that is what you were thinking.

  • Hi Max!
    Yeah that's pretty much what I was thinking. Look forward to using it!

  • @Donto

    Hey Donto, Just added this feature in 2.02.
    Really great suggestion, thanks for supporting us!

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