Workout Controls

  • There are multiple controls inside the Workout window.

    1. Start/Pause Workout - Let you start manually the workout (if you do not want to use a start trigger like Cadence, Power, Speed)
    2. Interval - Let you create a manual "Interval", Similar to pressing "Lap" on a garmin device, it will create a separate lap in the fit file and also reset your Interval averages for the current Interval.
    3. Dynamic difficulty adjuster - Let you adjust the workout difficulty on the fly, each % change will modify the workout targets (FTP and LTHR) by a fixed percentage. For example, on a 70% FTP target Interval, -5% will reduce 5% on the current FTP target to 65%
    4. Interval Jumper - Clicking on any interval other than the active Interval will let you jump directly to the clicked interval. Useful if you don't have time to finish a workout and want to jump to the cooldown for example. This button is not active for MaximumTrainer Test Workouts (FTP/MAP/...).
    5. Workout Settings - Let you access the Workout Settings.
    6. Calibrate Power Meter/ Calibrate FE-C Trainer - Let you access the calibration Wizard.


    • Enter = Start/Pause Workout
    • Up and Down Arrow = Increase/Decrease workout difficulty by 1%
    • Backspace = Create a manual Interval (Lap)
    • F1 = Open/Close Calibration Wizard
    • F2 = Start Calibration
    • F11 - Toggle Fullscreen

  • Nice! Haven't been riding so the control changes look good. One thing, I did try and use the DDA (3) once, I found it very hard to use while on the trainer as the up/down arrows are so small. My suggestion would be to at least quadruple them in size!

  • Hey Donto!

    Nice observation, I also had problems clicking the buttons when doing a workout.
    In 2.03, I will be adding a few hotkeys so that you just need to press keys on your keyboard, should be easier!

  • @admin That won't help me as I use a laptop that sits in front of the bike beyond arm reach. I have a BT mouse next to me on a high table/shelf

  • Sounds good Donto,
    I have increased the box a little, but it use the default OS sizing so I'm a bit limited. Hopefully it's okay now!

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