Studio Mode

  • "Studio Mode" allows multiple riders at the same location to do the workout together.



    1. Studio Mode - Enable/Disable Studio Mode.
    2. Number of Riders - Specify how many Riders you would like to have.
    3. Load - Let you load a previous Studio Profile (.xml file)
    4. Save As - Let you save the current Studio Profile as a xml file for later use. You don't need to save if you only use one Profile, as it is saved automatically when the software closes. Useful to quickly jump from one configuration to another without the hassle of pairing again.


    1. Display Name - Name that will appear in the Workout Window for this user.
    2. FTP/LTHR - Set the FTP/LTHR of this user. If this field is not set, Power/HeartRate targets will be ignored.
    3. Heart Rate - Set the Heart Rate ANT+ id manually, or use the Search button
    4. Power - Set the Power ANT+ id manually, or use the Search button
    5. Cadence - Set the Cadence ANT+ id manually, or use the Search button. Note : If you are using a Speed&Cadence sensor, you will have to input the same ANT+ id in the Speed field below.
    6. Speed - Set the Speed ANT+ id manually, or use the Search button
    7. FE-C Trainer - Set the FE-C Trainer ANT+ id manually, or use the Search button
    8. Wheel CIRC - Set the wheel circumference. Needed for calculation with Speed/Speed&Cadence Sensor, some Power Meters and FE-C Trainers.
    9. PowerCurve - Turn on/off a PowerCurve for this user. Use this if you want to have Power Data without a Power meter. Requires a Speed/Speed&Cadence Sensor.

    Additional information

    • Trainer Control (erg mode)
      Possible with new FE-C compatible Trainer. Each ANT+ key can control up to 7 trainers. For example, if you need to control 25 trainers, you will need a minimum of 4 ANT+ Sticks. Each ANT+ Stick will auto-detect the closest FE-C trainer and send commands to control them.

    • Group Test
      All Tests are available for groups (except the MAP Test). After finishing the test, each user will have his FTP/LTHR value updated in the Studio page.

    • Multiple ANT+ Sticks
      Multiple Sticks are recommended for group setups where users are far away from each other.
      See this post for more details.

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