Using Multiple ANT+ Sticks

  • You can use more than one ANT+ Stick to improve your signal reception.
    Using more than one stick is simple as inserting your Sticks and starting MaximumTrainer.
    At startup, MaximumTrainer will scan for all the Sticks it can use:

    Each Stick acts like a receiver, so you could have a setup where users are far away from each others, have obstacles (wall, etc.) without loosing any signal. Just make sure you have one ANT+ Stick at each spot, using an active USB extension to reach it. The more ANT+ Sticks the better, you can use as many as you want!

    How it work - Warning: Computer gibberish details!
    MaximumTrainer make uses of Threads to split the load between each Stick, so a a recent computer with Threading support will make sure that you don't have any slowdown using a lot of ANT+ Sticks (6+). Multiple Sticks can receive the same message from your sensor without a problem.

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