[SOLVED] - Radio Access

  • During my workouts, I sometimes get bored when listening to a music genre and switch to something else. Could you consider adding an option that allows quick access to radio stations? Maybe being able to add/remove a quick access button on the top bar, next to "Calibrate Power Meter" or something?

    Minor request, I know. :)

  • Good idea!

    I will add it at the top bar and add hotkeys for quickly changing to the previous/next radio.

    If you have other Internet radio you would like, just give me the URL and I can add it :)

    INSERT INTO internet_radio (id, name, genre, got_ads, bitrate, lang, url) VALUES
    (1, "NERadio House & Trance", "House, Trance", 1, 192, "EN", "http://fire1.neradio.com"),

    Thanks Miguel!

  • Here is what I have now in development:
    if you got any comments on the UI, feel free ;)
    Will be out in the next release!

    Thanks Miguel

  • That looks GREAT, Max!

    F7 starts the current selection, F6 goes backwards in the radio station and F8 goes to the next station, correct?

    One more request (if possible): a radio "mute" button possible?

    Thanks again, Max. You're awesome!

  • Hey Miguel sorry for the delay,

    Sure, you can press F7 again and it will pause the current station (like a mute).
    Let me know if anything is missing. You can try it in 2.05.
    Good Training!

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