Power Curve for Spin Bike

  • Hello.

    I have a spin bike that does not have any PM installed.

    But, it does have ANT+ Blutootsh sensors for cadence and speed.

    Are you able to develop a power curve for me so that I can use your software with Virtual Power?


  • Hey there,

    I don't currently have a power curve for this trainer, but if you can find one I could add it to the list of trainers.
    Sometimes the maker of the trainer can provide this.
    Let me know the exact name of the trainer so I can do a small lookup.

  • Thanks Max.

    The spin bike is called 'Spirit CS800' - with link below:


    I do not know who makes this spin bike.

    It is not a trainer per say (like all the other trainers out there), just a spin bike.

    Thank you for your offer of support and keen to know if you can find out anything.



  • Hey Thanks for the link,
    Does the Spin Bike come with ANT+ sensors installed or you manually installed them?

  • Thanks Max.

    The bike does not come with ANT+ sensors, but I have recently installed both Wahoo speedo sensor and cadence sensor onto this bike.

    Thoughts on how to produce the power curve?


  • Power Curves are build by collecting the speed data and power data at the same time from the trainer
    We can then create a formula that will convert speed into power.
    Unfortunately, I do not own this spin bike and haven't found info online about an existing power curve.
    If you can find the maker, it's worth a shot to send them an email asking for the power curve.
    Or if you have access to vector pedals or any pedal with Power that you can install on the bike I could help you derive the formula.


  • thanks Max

  • Hi Max.

    I know this is an old thread but I now ask your offer of assistance with developing this formula for developing a power speed curve for this spin Bike.

    I will have the Garmin vector 3 pedals soon so I can install them on this bike to obtain the wattage required.

    I will then remove them and have them on my road bike.

    Given the resistance knob presents an infinite number of loads, how do you select which knob resistance setting for developing this power speed curve??

    What is the formula I need?


  • Hey!

    We will need to have a power curve for each separate resistance (knob)
    So if you have one that you can use most of the time, that would be good.

    Then you could record the trainer speed and the power at the same time (with a power meter and a speed sensor)
    After a few workout, when we have a lot of data, we can check the .fit file and build a spreadsheet that will have

    Speed, Power
    5 kmh = 150 W
    10 kmh= 200 W
    The more points the better to derive the formula!


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