Remote Muti-Rider Live Data Collection

  • Hello. Thanks for making a software like this for Mac OS. I am a coach and we just started doing online video classes. We would love to be able to collect and see live data from our athletes as they ride at home using MT. This is the major thing our online classes lack to keep the athletes on target. Being able to display everyones live data as they ride from home would be really awesome.


  • Hey there!

    Just to make sure I understand right, you would like to see your athletes stats while you are not at the same location as your athletes? Can I ask why you would like it the stats to be live? For example, you can ask your athletes to post their workouts on Strava/TrainingPeaks after they finish their workouts.

    The Multiplayer (Studio mode) is currently meant for a local group (people at the same location).
    If you want online live feedback to motivate your athletes, you could look at a streaming option like "Twitch" or "YouTube Gaming" that are available for free.

    Let me know if I'm missing something

  • Yes, I would like for everyone to see everyone else's ANT+ data live, while we are all in different locations. We can motivate folks verbally and give them technique cues via the 2 way video/audio feed, but when their data is displayed publicly during the class, it tends to get keep them motivated. We want to give the studio feel, while everyone is in their own home.

    With the conferencing software we use, I can just share my screen with everyone to display the athletes' data, I just need a source to retrieve and display multiple riders live data from different locations while the class is going on. We looked into several options, but none will collect and display multi-rider data from multiple locations in real time.

  • To be honest, this live feature would require a lot of manpower and work.
    As of right now, we are still a small team and have 95% of people on the free subscription, so it's not something on the list.
    However, it could change in the future.
    Thanks for the suggestion!

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