Elite Quobo Power Fluid

  • For the Quobo Power Fluid (see http://www.elite-it.com/en/products/trainers/indoor-trainers/qubo-power-fluid-0), which trainer profile should I choose? The Quobo Fluid or the Power Fluid? Thanks

  • Good question, I am not sure one of those 2 trainers use the same power curve as the Quobo Power Fuild.
    I just sent an email to Elite asking for more information.
    Will let you know if they provide me another Power Curve for this one.

    Have a great day,

  • I just received a response from Elite.
    I have updated the Trainer Curve formula for the Qubo Fluid with the data they provided. It is live right now, you just need to restart MaximumTrainer.
    The Qubo fluid and the Qubo powerfluid curve are the same.
    Choose 'Qubo Fluid' in the Power Curve list.

    Have a great day!

  • @admin Excellent Max, thanks for your efforts!

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