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  • I bought a FE-C trainer (Tacx Vortex) and i'm setting up everything as needed. No problems so far, MaximumTrainer controls my trainer perfectly well. On my former trainer my FTP was around 230W but I noticed rapidly that this was to high for the Vortex. It's more like about 200W (not good for my ego ;-) but probably closer to reality).
    Anyway, I performed a FTP Test today (never done this before on MaximumTrainer) and noticed something that I consider an error. The FTP test is setup with a 20min interval at FTP. I think that you should use FTP*1.05 (FTP/0.95 to be totally exact) for the target in the 20 min interval. After the FTP test, you do calculate the FTP result as 95% of the 20min interval average, and that is correct. Can you consider changing the target to make sure that motivation is high enough for the test?
    I'm planning another test later this week to correctly identify my FTP. For now I scale to 105% just before starting the test interval.
    I also noticed that you quit Erg-Mode automatically when the test interval starts. That's really nice, it makes sure that one can really go all out! I tend to follow the target during the first half and if I feel good, crank up during the second half.
    Winter is just starting here in Belgium and you'l see my upgrade coming shortly. 6 months should do for me, I rarely use the trainer during the active season.
    It's nice to see that you continued development during summer. I have to checkout the new features.

  • Hey Claude,
    Glad to see you here! Congrats on the FE-C Trainer, I heard the Vortex is a good one.
    I had the same thing happens to my FTP when I changed trainer. With trainer control, the resistance feels much harder. I had to lower my FTP around 20W to be able to do the same workouts.

    You are correct for the 20min interval. The result is 0.95 of the 20min section so if you want to keep the same FTP, you should be going at 105% your current FTP. I will update the target in the next version for 105% instead of 100%. For now, you can just see this section as a target but going over is not a bad idea if you want to raise your FTP.

    Thanks for the good feedback! I did put a lot of time this summer on it. For now I will have to put less with other commitments I have.
    See you!

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