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  • Hi Max,
    In the Power Widget you currently have 3 display options, Minimalist, Detailed and Graph. I'd like to request combining the Detailed & the Graph for a new option Graph+Details option. IMHO, make the Graph portion half the size it is now (e.g. 15 sec window with 5sec past (or zero) and 10s look ahead (or 15)) and put the details in place of the other half of the graph space. I would find this the most useful as right now I find myself switching between the two.
    Also, the small "Current Target" line should show the Wattage value with the +/-W, not the percentage value with the +/-W.

  • @Donto

    Hey Donto,
    Somehow I missed this post. Will look at the possibility to show both Power widgets, should be easy to do.
    Good suggestion for the graph widget. letting the user choose the time frame would be great.

    Not sure what you meant by:
    Also, the small "Current Target" line should show the Wattage value with the +/-W, not the percentage value with the +/-W.
    The white line in the graph windows already shows the current target in watts +/-W(green zone)?


  • Hi Max,
    Thanks, I'd really like have both sets of info, I use the rolling graph for maintaining focus and the details for seeing how I'm doing.

    "Current Target" is the line you have under the time block. It has a white border with the text in blue highlight background and a little lightning bolt, the target is in %, the +/- next to the target value is in W. I think these should be the same units, either W & +/-W or %, +/-%. No biggie if you don't want to change it.

    Oh, I used V2.06 this morning and think there's a bug. I was seeing a 4 second delay on the scrolling power graph vs the timer count-down, so when it looked like I was suppose to start or end an interval the timer was 4 seconds off still counting down to the next interval. Also when I imported the FIT file into my training log the total time had 4 seconds added to it. Another minor item, the virtual speed seemed to have a weird delay to it. If I stopped and the trainer speed showed 0, the virtual speed was slowly, very slowly counting its way down.

  • Perfect Donto I got it!
    Thanks for mentioning the clock bug, it was starting too soon with the Virtual Speed change, probably should have taken more coffee!

    I added the "graph + detailed" view option for power. I will check to let input a custom timespan on the graph for a later update.
    Oh I see you mean the general target under the Time. This was mainly meant for the studio mode (multiple users) and I also added it to solo, that's why it' s in %.
    As for virtual speed, I see that it takes a while to reach 0. In real life you would put down your feet under 1 kph not too fall. I may tweak a little bit the algorithm in the future
    Let me know if you find anything else, really appreciate your help.

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