Upload to Strava shows training sessions as "workouts" instead of cycling (stationary)

  • With all trainer activities uploaded as Workout types, the trainer sessions do not show up in the training log (in multisport mode) and in the profile page (in the last 4 weeks training summary section). If I manually correct the uploaded files to Cycling, and mark the activity as Stationary Trainer, than these workouts show up properly in all Strava pages, and are calculated into my training load.

    Is it possible to modify the Strava interface so it uploads sessions as Cycling (Stationary Trainer) type activities?

  • Sure I can change the type from "Workout" to "Ride" (Stationary Trainer).
    Let me know if "Ride" would work because the Strava API does not let me upload as "Cycling" for the activity type.

    Strava upload doc:

    Have a great day!

  • Yes, it should probably be "ride" type. The Strava user interface gives Cycling as selectable option in the drop down menu, but later on these workouts show up as "Ride" in the list. So if you push out an update, I'll test it some time this week.


  • Perfect András, will let you know when I push the update (next week).

  • @admin Sorry for the late feedback, I've been away from training for a bit. The new version works perfectly, training sessions are now uploaded as Stationary trainer rides, and they show up on all relevant pages.

    This is a beautiful training program, and it's even getting better with every update. Kudos, Max! Awesome work.

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