Skipping an interval, ending WO early, etc.

  • Hi Max,
    Not sure if I'm missing something. How do I skip an interval? And to end a workout early it's the enter key right? I did a 5' CP test recently and wanted to end the wo early after doing the test interval and paused the wo then hit enter (I think it was enter I hit), but the wo window just closed on me and I didn't get the test value. I ended up importing the FIT file into Golden Cheetah (thankfully it was saved).

    How about adding an interval skip and wo end key to the toolbar, or somewhere. IIRC, in GC I could fast forward in the workout. Also when ending the WO early don't let it just close the window. Keep it open and if it's a test display the test result. I like to screen capture the window for displaying in my training log.

    I modified the 20' CP test on my PC to decrease the amount of tolerance in the test period. But when I used it for the test the test result wasn't displayed. Does the test result display only work on the test provided and not an edited version?

    Also how about making the radio buttons on the toolbar optional. Something I don't use and could be replaced with wo controls. Just a thought.

  • Hey Donto,

    Sorry for the delay,
    To skip an interval, you have to click the interval where you want to jump, and it will skip the one(s) before that.
    Skipping intervals is disabled for test workouts (FTP, CP,..). You are right, if you use an edited test workout, it will not display the result at the end. We only show the result for the non-edited test (FTP, CP,..)
    Thanks for the comments!

  • @admin Can you do an extra interval. I'm not yet tired, so an extra repetition? going back with the mouse does not work.

  • You can use the "free ride" option on the workout top menu.
    In this type of workout, you can do whatever you like, the timer and graph will never stop :D


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