New User - Questions on Setup

  • Hello!

    I downloaded MT about a week ago, and upped for a subscription yesterday so that I could do the BT plan. However, as a new user I'm definitely missing something in the setup. I'm not computer dumb, but I couldn't find where to specify which power curve to use. As such, I'm able to see cadence, virtual speed, and trainer speed, but not see any virtual power indications during a workout.

    I saw where you can specify an FTP and LTHR, but since I was in the optional "pre" phase of the program I figured I would just leave them alone and gauge it a bit by effort until it was time to do the tests and get real numbers. Does performing the actual test initiate a dialog to specify the power curve?

    This was all especially misleading since the warmup phase with a default FTP (150) puts the power range right in the 90-100 range, and so while I was pedaling away at a cadence in that range I thought I was doing just fine. It wasn't until the first interval hit and the blue line didn't go anywhere that I realized I wasn't seeing what I thought I was seeing :laughing:

    Thanks for the program - I'm sure it's going to work out great once I actually get it working!

  • Nevermind - I found it! For any other users who may have this problem, in v2.0.7 it is under the ANT+ Power section - I looked over that because I wasn't using anything ANT+ power related.

    Today's a rest day, but I will give it another shot tomorrow and see how it goes.

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