Modifications to Y-axis

  • Hi,

    Maybe the feature already exists and I just didn't find it. Instead of absolute Power (W), I would like to see a percentage of maximum aerobic power (or of any user input value). The range could vary from 0% to 200% for example.

    Also, I think the cadence uses the same axis as the power, it would be nice to have a different scale on the right handside of the graph, ranging maybe from 50 to 150.

    Thanks for this wonderful software.


  • Hey there,

    Yes the cadence use the same axis as the power. I tried to use another axis on the right but the power and cadence target boxes were on top of each other most of the time, it was hard to read. To have a better view on your cadence, you can use the "mini-graph" for cadence in Workout options, Widgets, Cadence and select "Graph".

    For the power, just so I understand correctly, you would like an option to switch between absolute power (W) and %FTP? For example, if a user has 200FTP and is working 100W, in absolute power you would see 100W and the percentage would be 50%.

    Thanks Eric!

  • In your example, you mentionned FTP, but it could be any value, as long as the user can change it.

    And yes, then the y-axis could be expressed as a percentage.


    User input of wattage (could be FTP, max power, etc) : 350W
    Display on y -axis (Absolute[W] or Relative of user input [%]): Relative

    On the graph, let say I'm at 210W, I would see 60% (since 210W/350W = 60%).


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