How to start a 'Free ride'

  • Hi

    I am struggling with something that I felt should be fairly intuitive......and it is likely I am just being dumb :-)

    I have my Powertap and my HRM strap connected via ant+ no problem. I just want to get on and do a free ride to see that everything is working as I expect........and for the life of me I cannot work out what I need to do to get the 'Start free ride' option to become available.

    Using version 2.07 On Windows 10. The option under 'Workout' just stays greyed out and unclickable. It feels like I need to set something else up to make this option available.

    Can someone point out what I have missed please?


    Paul C

  • Hi there,

    You are not being dumb ;)
    The "Free ride" option is grayed out for the free subscription.
    You can still do the Test workouts (FTP, ..) and any workout under 15min to test your gear.

    Have fun!

  • @admin

    It had to be simple :-)

    Thanks Max

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