Power # accuracy

  • In a group training session we noticed that the SRAM Quarq powermeter users had wattage #s displayed by Maximum Trainer that were off considerably from those displayed on our bikes' computers (various Garmin models). The Maximum Trainer power #s were typically lower than but occasionally went over what was displayed on my bike's computer (Garmin 800). One of our our group was using a Powertap power meter and his Maximum Trainer power #s seemed more accurate. Anything to this?

  • Hey there,

    Thanks for mentioning this.
    I will investigate. As far as I know, the SRAM needs to be calibrated at least once so that the software knows the value of the "offset" to correctly calculate power. In solo ride or if you only use one SRAM in Studio mode that is possible, but the calibration is not yet done for groups with multiple SRAM with differents offset.

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