Kinetic Road Machine curve

  • I have a Kinetic Road Machine with the optional heavy flywheel ( Is the power/trainer curve provided for the Kinetic Road Machine still valid when using this additional flywheel or is some modification to the trainer curve necessary?

    Also, I haven't yet purchased an ant+ stick so I haven't tried MaximumTrainer yet. I am assuming that it will work with ant+ cadence/speed sensor (Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor) mounted on the bike rather than sensors integrated into the actual trainer. Is this correct?

    Thanks for your attention. I'mm looking forward to using MaximumTrainer soon.

  • Hi there,

    I am not sure the power curve works with this flywheel.
    I will try to get in touch with Kinetic to see if they have another power curve to provide.

    Any ANT+ compatible sensor will work (Power, Speed, Cadence, HR, etc.)
    It doesn't matter if the sensor is integrated in the trainer or not, for example, some trainer can broadcast power directly to ANT+
    Check for the ANT+ logo on your trainer if you want to make sure.


  • @admin

    Thanks for the reply Max. I also contacted Kinetic and this is the reply I received:

    No, the curve is the same for steady state riding, when doing intervals however there is more mass to accelerate so they will certainly be tougher.

    So, it appears that except for rapid accelerations the curve should be adequate.

    Thanks again.

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