• Max,
    Are you planning on adding the ability to control smart trainers (FE-C) based on power meter number?
    This is what TrainerRoad calls PowerMatch.
    The reason this is a critical feature (in my opinion one of the most important features) is that the smart trainer can give different numbers than the power meter (in my case almost 20 watts lower).
    Since training outside is based on power meter numbers, it would be great if the trainer was controlled based on the power meter reading.


  • Hi there,

    I will look at this possibility.
    For now you could use the following workaround if you know the power offset of your trainer:
    In the Workout settings, Widget, Power, you can select a value for "Power offset" and put a value of 20 if you want to increase the power value of your trainer by 20.


  • Hi!

    it would be perfect if this feature could be added! thanks

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