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  • Hi Max,

    Really liking having found MaximumTrainer - was just what I was looking for - and at the right sort of price. Thanks to DC rainmaker for pointing me in your direction.

    There's a couple of things that I'd like to request if possible. None of these are essential but some would be nice to have. If any of these exist already, sorry I haven't found the options.

    At the end of a workout, would it be possible to upload a screenshot of the main graph to Strava as an image. It would be nice when looking back to see a snapshot of what the session looked like. Doesn't even have to be the graph with my lines but the graph as shown at the start of the workout would be good.

    Possibly, it would also be nice to have a summary at the end of a workout as well.

    On the Power Graph it displays the current Power Value but I also believe I need to show the detail as well to see the target value. Is it possible to add the actual target next to the power value on the graph?

    When creating workouts, could you add the TSS, IF, etc calculations on the Editor screen. Not very important since I don't suppose I'll create that many. But it is nice to have if I am tinkering with a workout.

    Could you get the workout filters to remember values between sessions so I can leave my filters in place?

    Can I add anything to the 'Plan' page? I don't seem to be able to do much here.

    I am very impressed though. Well done.

  • Hi there,
    Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated :)

    For uploading an image to Strava, I don't think they support that in their API yet.
    If you want more details for power, you can go in the workout option, widget, power, display: graph & detailed
    For now the Plan page is a bit static, I want to add more plan eventually with the app.
    I will also look at your other suggestions!


  • Shame about not being able to upload an image. I just assumed that as Zwift can do it, it would be part of the API but maybe they have a particular relationship with Strava which allows them to do it. I thought it would be good advertising for your software to have an image on Strava as well as a summary for myself as to the session content. And Instagram doesn't seem to let you upload an image through their API either so it can't be done through that.

    Leaving the filters in place would be very useful though so I can import a large number of workouts but keep my most used sessions selected.

    Whilst I'm here, I have at times had a problem with Virtual Speed not displaying - I'm using a power meter only but would like to record a rough idea of mileage so I can get a rough idea of weekly mileage. Sometimes I don't get a virtual speed, and sometimes it has started displaying 10 minutes or so into the workout.

    There is one other feature that I would love to see but is a pretty major adjustment to your whole system. However, it might be an idea for long term. I have recently got myself a treadmill at home and since I can see my computer from the treadmill would love to use a program for workouts. To record all my info currently I use my Ant+ HR monitor and use a Garmin Ant+ footpod all hooked up to my Garmin watch. This gives me HR,pace and cadence. What I would love to be able to do is create workouts in your system based on either HR or pace and run them in exactly the same way I do for bike workouts. I think I would base the effort levels them around my 5k run time (rather than %FTP) but just using pace would be great. I'd have to adjust the pace on the treadmill but for me this is no different from changing gears on a bike to make it harder/easier. Might also be nice to be able to have gradient in the workout as well.

    Obviously I realise this requires a load of extra work scanning for footpods, and altering background database design to create a whole new area for running as well as updating the GUI and a whole host of other things. And if I'm the only person who would use this it is massive overkill but thought I'd chuck it out there .


  • Hi, sorry for the delay, somehow missed your post

    Maybe uploading an image is possible of Zwift is doing it. I'll check if I can contact Strava directly.

    For virtual speed not displaying, does this problem appear often? Send me an email with a screenshot of your ANT page to "support@maximumtrainer.com" so I can see what may be causing this.
    For the treadmill support, not sure I'm going to invest time in this for now but maybe in the future.

    Happy holidays,

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