Training Plan recommended structure

  • In order to make Training Plans easy to understand for everyone, please try to follow theses general guidelines when creating a Training Plan:

    1. Introduce yourself (Cycling expertise, coach?)

    2. Specify the Training Plan info:
    ⋅⋅2.1. Duration of the plan (weeks/months)
    ⋅⋅2.2. A short description of the plan
    ⋅⋅2.3. Goal of the plan and the targeted users

    3. Keep a good naming structure for the workouts so that they are ordered alphabetically in the Workout List
    (Eg. Week01Workout1, Week01Workout2, Week02Workout1, ...)

    4. Have messages on important Workout Intervals giving good directions

    That's it! Thanks for sharing your plans! A reminder that when you follow a plan created by someone else, you need to consult your physician before and you are entirely responsible of the consequences on your health caused by the exercise ;)

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