Undo for workout editor

  • The workout editor is a really nice and clean interface, however one feature that is missing is the ability to "undo" edits. Adding that (and a cancel button for the entire edit) would be a great addition.


  • Hey Nathaniel,

    Thanks I did put a lot of time into it :)
    You can undo on some fields, for example the display message and the target value (pressing ctrl + z while the field is in focus)
    However, the undo seems to not be working for some other field.
    Let me know if there is a specific one that is bugging you.


  • Hey Max,

    Nice to know about the cmd-Z undo. I was looking for something that could undo entire steps (including repeat settings). A couple of times I had a workout that was almost right and then managed to mess it up doing edits. I wanted at that point to undo some of my changes and start over from a point before I did the bad stuff.

    It's not crucial (I'd like the ability to set climbing much more) but if it was an easy addition that would be nice.


    PS Just noticed that many emacs edit keys work when in the text fields. Nice!

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