Modify load for each rider in studio mode

  • Hi, I'm new to Max trainer so forgive me if this has been answered previously. I would like to be able to reduce or increase a rider's ftp or workload during a group workout. Is this possible? Also, is the erg mode always on or can a fixed resistance be applied instead? I'm using an fe-c smart trainer. Thanks

  • Hi there,

    Sure, by default is you have FE-C trainer, the load will be adjusted automatically based on the userFTP. so a 100%FTP interval will be at 250W for user1 if his FTP is 250W and 100 for user2 if his FTP is 100W.

    You can disable "erg mode" for FE-C Trainer if you want, the option is located in Preference, ANT+, you can uncheck "Control trainer resistance".

    Let me know if you have other questions,

  • Thanks for the quick reply! My question was not completely clear. What I was getting at is if a rider in a group workout can change his ftp or in some other way reduce or increase the workload. For example, a new rider realizes he over estimated his ftp and the current interval is beyond his capability, it would be great if he could lower the load 10 or 20 watts to a manageable level without making the whole group stop the workout to do so. It appears that this isn't possible at this point but I think it would be a good feature to include but I understand if it's not feasible to work it in. Thanks again!

  • Thanks I understand what you mean now :)
    If you are using FE-C Trainer I agree that this can be a pain if one user can no longer continue.
    You can disable FE-C Trainer control before everyone know their exact FTP.
    Thanks for the suggestion!

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