Spinning bike and MaximumTrainer

  • Totally new to this forum and MaximumTrainer so this/these question/s might be a bit dumb.

    1. Can MaximumTrainer be used with a Spinning bike? (have a Garmin Cadence sensor as well as HR monitor)
    2. To set up for use does the Ant+ stick connect to my Garmin 1000 to get the information MaximumTrainer needs?


  • Hey Stephen,

    It all depend if your spinning bike has ANT+ sensors connected to it.
    If you have any of one of these, you can make use of MaximumTrainer:
    ANT + HR strap, ANT+ Speed/Cadence sensor, ANT+ Power meter, ANT+ FE-C Trainer.
    You will have to pair the sensor individually with the ANT+ page in MaximumTrainer.

    Have fun!

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