How to avoid update

  • Hi, all.

    Sorry for dumb question but somehow new version 3.0.2 isn't running due to my PC issue. It was fine with 2.0.9 so I uninstalled 3.0.2 then reinstalled 2.0.9 but whenever running, it detects new version, forcing me install 3.0.2. If I click x, then program gone shut down. If I disconnect network, of course, can't run on MT at all.

    I understand it is good will to do auto update but wish I can avoid this till PC is fixed.

    Can I ask how to do it? Thanks in advance.

  • Hey there,

    For some versions, it is not possible to stay on the older one, since it require file from the server.
    Please let me know the error message you are having at so we can resolve it.

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